Monday, May 28, 2012

Hand Stamped Jewelry

About a month ago I bought a set of metal alphabet stamps to make a necklace for my mother-in-law.  I posted a picture of the finished necklace on facebook and soon had many requests to make more!  A couple of these were custom made Mother's Day gifts for new moms and grandmas or end-of-the-school-year gifts.  Here are some pictures of my work!

In the beginning I did a lot of practicing to get my letters and words spaced even and straight.  It also took some experimenting to find the best stamping set-up.  I started on the wood workbench in the garage, but learned fast that the workbench was absorbing a lot of the vibrations from hammering and I wasn't getting a deep enough stamp.  So I moved to the garage cement floor and got better results with less hammer strikes. 

I have many more ideas I can't wait to try so I'm sure another post is yet to come!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Rainbow Birthday!

My sweet little Bean just turned three!  How did that happen?  Time is going too fast!  Lil Bean requested a blue cake for her birthday.  I thought that was a little boring, so I showed her a picture of a rainbow cake, and, well, she was sold!  

I enjoyed mixing the colors into the cake batter.  When the cakes were done baking I trimmed off the golden brown edges to show the pretty colors inside.  Then I iced the top and left the sides exposed!

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake

This cake was so pretty.  And so easy!  Hands down the easiest birthday cake I've ever made for one of the kids.

To celebrate Bean's big day, we had our toes done with Grandma 'Zona.  What a treat!  Bean was a little nervous, but Monkey is counting down until her birthday so we can go again!

And, no birthday would be complete without taking treats to school!  The kids got a kick out of these rainbow cupcakes.  I kept them simple and put just a little icing on top.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Happy Birthday to my Little Bean!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring at Feathers and Fingerprints!

Spring time around here usually means more time outside, a busy schedule, and this year, hatching baby ducks! The kids had so much fun checking on the eggs every day and watching as the ducklings began to pip and hatch. For a couple days the ducklings stayed at our house and followed the girls around. Now they are living at hubby's work where they will join his education program. Here are a few pictures of the ducklings in the first few days after hatching. Enjoy!

Checking eggs for cracks.

Ducks parading through the kitchen!

Going for a splash in the back yard bubbler.

Three little ducks went out one day...