Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Master Bathroom

Oh, the master bathroom.  This is how it looked the first day we visited the house.  It wasn't technically on the market yet, and I honestly don't know if our realtor gave the sweet old man living there much notice that we were coming to look.

We moved in and tore down one shelf, showing the pretty wallpaper behind it.

Below is the pretty wallpaper hiding behind the cabinet over the toilet.  Later I found out these two layers were not the only layers of paper I would have to remove...

One day I casually asked my husband to fix the dripping bathtub faucet.  Turns out, the dripping faucet was the least of our worries.  We had a water leak in the wall behind the shower.  
Everything was rotten.  
And moldy.
It all had to go.

So my handsome handyman tore everything out.  I explained how I wanted the new bathroom to look and he made it happen!  Many, many trips to Lowes and one trip to the emergency room and things started coming together.  

{Side note: In my husband's defense, the trip to the emergency room was not his fault.  As he was lifting a brand new toilet out of the box it broke and sliced his finger.  There was so much blood everywhere I made him go!  Turns out he didn't need stitches so he probably didn't need to go anyway...}

Finished! Love.

One of these days we'll get around to remodeling the hall bathroom.  {Shudder}

F&F House Tour Kids' Quarters

I apologize for neglecting my blog for so long, but today's post is a good one!  Recently I have been crazy busy and feeling a bit uninspired.  Then yesterday my husband picked up a little girl's mirror at a garage sale down the street and suggested we hang it in the girls' closet.  They love playing in there anyway, so why not?  As you'll see from the pictures below, my husband's innocent $1 purchase started quite a project.  I'm proud to say that, besides buying and hanging the mirror, I did everything--and all in one weekend!

Welcome to the girls' room!  Come in and take a look around!

About a year ago my husband and I moved Lil Bean out of the nursery into her big sister's room.  The girls think sharing a room is wonderful, and this frees up the nursery to be a guest room slash storage room.  We made Dr. Seuss characters with plywood and paint and hung them around the room.  The chandelier was originally in our dining room. 

This is how the room usually looks.

Completely. Out. Of. Control.

So I emptied the closet, removed the door, and started painting.  Do you remember the blue laundry room?  

Now the closet matches.  Does the saying, "one person's trash is another's treasure" apply to mis-tint paint?  I think it should.  I love this color.  

The white closet ceiling is now the same dark blue as the rest of the bedroom.

The shelves got a fresh coat of pale green matching the toy box.

And the bargain mirror that started the whole transformation was hung!  I even cleared out all the junk that was on the top shelf so I can store more books, puzzles, and out of season clothes.  Out of reach means off the floor! 


Ahhhhh.  A little spring cleaning feels so good.

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