Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Rocky Start to the Weekend

We quite literally had a rocky start to our weekend!  The kids and I gathered all of these rocks from the woods and hauled them to the back yard to create a new flower bed in a neglected corner of the yard.  My kids are the best little helpers!!

We tried to stick with flowers that either grow wild in the area or are (hopefully) tough enough to last through the scorching hot summer.  I figure if they can grow wild on the side of the road they can survive in my garden!  

I hope we can attract some hummingbirds as well!

That's all for tonight, more updates and pictures coming soon!

Sprinkler Fun!

We've been getting a lot of bad weather in Oklahoma this spring so we took advantage of a pretty afternoon and let the kids run through the sprinklers!

We have been very lucky the tornadoes have avoided our small town.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who haven't been so lucky over the last few weeks.  I hope the stormy season is over so we can really begin summer!

We are Warriors!

We did it!  My friend Jenn and I completed the Warrior Dash Oklahoma!  What an exciting race.  We completed about 12 obstacles on a 3 mile course.  We climbed over walls, crawled through tunnels and mud, climbed chain ladders, made our way (ever so gracefully haha) across cargo nets, swam in a lake, and jumped over fire (twice!).  By the end of the race we were both exhausted, covered in mud up to our ears, and extremely proud of our accomplishments!  The course was through the middle of nowhere in Inola, OK so I don't have any pictures of the course.  Spectators were limited to the finish area by the mud pit and fire jumping.

Team BenjaMan raised over $5000 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital!  And we wore BenjaMan superhero shirts and capes on the run.  I have to admit, running with a soaking wet cap is not the easiest!  

Here I am celebrating with a turkey leg after rinsing off.

And of course we earned our horns!

Looking forward to next year!