Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sun Room Renovation Continues

Recently I shared our Renovation Nightmare. Our plan was to give our sun room a face lift.  Then we discovered termite and water damage and the plan changed to a full gut job renovation.  Luckily, my husband is AMAZING.  He has been hard at work.

After gutting everything damaged by termites or water, Ryan tore down the exterior siding and re-framed the exterior wall, replacing studs rotten or eaten.  He also removed the three existing windows and hung one brand new window.  The sun room will eventually be a bedroom/playroom.

Next, he framed out new walls under the covered porch.  This will be the new sun room and home to our parrots.  We reused three of the old windows in the new room.  A fresh coat of primer and white paint made them look almost new.  One of the windows in the picture below is still taped and covered after the first couple coats of paint (it was our test window to see how it would look painted).  A rainy weather forecast forced us to work as quickly as possible to get the new siding up.

We decided to replace the vinyl siding with fiber cement James Hardie siding.  We prefer the look of the Hardie boards over vinyl siding and they are extremely durable, termite-proof, fire-resistant, and green.  All big selling points for us!  Hanging the siding took two people but was fairly easy to do.  Not so much fun in the rain, but ya do whatcha gotta do.

We also installed a new door.  Ryan and a friend repaired the roof.  (Goodbye gutter!)

By the end of the second weekend we finished siding the back wall, tore down the remaining vinyl siding, and finished hanging the Hardie boards.

Choosing a paint color was easier said than done.  We originally looked at a couple shades of gray but didn't like how much they contrasted with the yellow brick.

Weekend three was another jam-packed couple of days.  Luckily the weather warmed up and we didn't get too much rain.  We spent Saturday celebrating our daughter's 4th birthday at the zoo with seven little kids.  Sunday afternoon consisted of painting, painting, painting.  More pictures and details to come!

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