Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Car Track

My son is constantly driving little cars around the house.  He lays on the floor and pushes them around the living room and up the hall.  A couple weeks ago I decided he needed a car track to cruise around. I scavenged a piece of chipboard from the garage and routed the edges.  

I gave it a good once-over with primer before painting two coats of green. The green paint was turned into chalkboard paint by adding a heaping spoonful of grout. The chipboard surface is still pretty rough even after painting so it might not actually work out as a chalkboard. It was worth a shot.  I also added grout to a small sample tub of gray paint for the road.

Ryan cut scrap boards into little block houses and each kiddo painted one. The girls also painted two blocks as a school and a store.

Painting is very serious business. 

The blue paint was leftover homemade chalkboard paint from another project. The only thing I actually purchased for this project was a pack of chalk markers I used to draw the details on the road. 

Surprisingly, the girls enjoy playing with it as much as little man!

Happy fall break!

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