Monday, June 20, 2011

Finished Quiet Books!

I've been frantically working on quiet books for the girls before our upcoming vacation.  Monkey hasn't flown since she was a baby and Bean hasn't ever.  I'm so nervous about how they will do on the plane!  Hopefully these activities will keep them occupied long enough to get us to Florida!

The finished quiet books!

quiet books pages 1:  a shoe to lace and hair to braid

quiet books pages 2 and 3: a tent to zip open, more hair to braid, and a pocket with paper and a mailbox to fill with notes

quiet books pages 4 and 5:  peek-a-boo baby with a woven blankie, snap flowers, beads on pipe cleaners, and velcro tic-tac-toe

quiet books pages 6 and 7: counting beads and a mini flash card alphabet book

 My older daughter helped me look for ideas online and requested many of the pages above.  In each picture the top book is for my younger daughter and the bottom book for my older daughter.  Although I'm sure they'll be trading books as soon as they get bored with their own!

Each page was made from a standard size piece of felt and leftover sewing notations I had around.  As I completed the pages I sewed them back to back with stiff felt in between.  The books are pretty bulky, but should hold up well.  

My inspiration for these books have come from these sources.  Thank you for sharing your ideas!


  1. These turned out great - so glad to be a source of inspiration:) Makes me want to make another quiet book soon!