Sunday, July 31, 2011

Preparing for a Princess Party

In less than a week my little monkey is turning 4!  I still can't believe it.  The past four years have gone way. too. fast.

 The day of her birth.

 One Year

Two Years

 Three Years

Almost Four Years!

To celebrate Monkey's birthday we are throwing a princess party.

Can you guess which princess we're focusing on?

I found these super cute Rapunzel invites here.  I had to adjust the design a little because I couldn't find the same materials from the link and I was a little short on time.  Short on time meaning these invites should have been mailed yesterday.  

 These are the materials I started with.  Unfortunately, when I opened the glitter markers they were all dried up and crusty.  Guess that's why they were on sale.

I started with blank cardstock cards and cut off the fold.

Then I used my stamp punch to cut out Rapunzel's window.

Yellow embroidery floss (9 strands) made a braid.  A purple ribbon finished it nicely.

I glued the top of the braid on the back of the card.

Here's my attempt to simplify.  I cut 9 long pieces of floss and clipped them to the top cabinet.  After braiding the entire thing I tied on the purple bows and cut into short braids for each invitation.  

After gluing the back I glued the braid in place with one dot of glue above the purple bow.  I hand wrote all of them.  It was late and I didn't want to wrestle with the printer.  The next morning they were mailed!  {sigh of relief}

Monkey loved them.  But then she told me she wants to have an ice skating party.  Sorry honey, this is August in Oklahoma.  Save that thought for January.

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  1. Aw what adorable invitations! I can't wait to see pics of the party :o)