Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Front Hall Makeover Part One: Hat Storage

This was my front hall before.  It was a giant mess of boots, shoes, coats, bags, and hats to say the least.  That mirror has four pegs.  Four.  That's half the number of jackets we go through in one day trying to keep up with the ever-changing Oklahoma weather.  Something had to be done.


My husband has like a million hats.  Or at least that's what it seemed like when they were taking up my four pegs.  So I built a hat peg board that is almost the length of the hallway.


I bought the pegs unfinished from Hobby Lobby for a couple dollars.  Then I cut a 1 x 4 to my length (5 feet) and drilled 11 holes, evenly spaced.  After gluing the pegs in the holes the whole thing got primed, painted, and screwed high on the wall.


Hallway Makeover Part One complete!  

To be continued... 

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