Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Place to Pretend

A few posts ago I mentioned the shelf I hung for Christmas stockings.  Here is a post-Christmas update.  The middle picture is one of my all time favorites.  Its my grandparents' wedding picture.

You may have noticed all of the empty space under the stockings in the original post.  It didn't take long to fill it up!  My husband dug an old table out of the shed and cut down the legs.  I gave it a thick layer of paint and it was ready to go.  Then I found cute children's DIY furniture patterns at  My mom and I joined forces and built the doll high chair to surprise my little Beanie for Christmas.
 Next I found plans for the kid's storage chair and my husband graciously whipped up a couple.  He's so sweet!  They have already been well played with!  Can you see why I've hidden all the markers?
Now my girls have a place in the family room to play and I have something pretty to look at.  Win-win. 

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