Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hall Bathroom Project; Days 3 & 4

Our hall bathroom has made quite the transformation!  We spent two days last weekend getting started.  If you missed those posts you can go back to see the before pictures here.  To see pictures of me rocking the tile hammer on day 2 click here.  Construction temporarily stopped while my husband went out of town for work.  He got home on Friday evening and work resumed first thing Saturday morning.

I cut tiles in the front yard all day.  The skies threatened us but luckily the rain held off.  Ryan marked tiles, handed them out the bathroom window to me and I cut them and handed them back.  

We managed to finish the wall tiles and before going to bed I grouted the area behind the vanity.  This allowed us to move the vanity into place before starting the floor tiles on Sunday morning.

Ryan starting arranging the floor tiles first thing Sunday morning.  I stayed in bed as long as possible trying to rest my tired and aching body.  But, there is no such thing as sleeping late in this house!  Before long I was back at the saw cutting floor tiles.  We finished the floor by early afternoon.  I have never been so happy to clean up after a project as I was to clean the tile saw to give it back!  Even after two days of use that saw still scares me a little!!  After we put the kids to bed Sunday night we grouted some more.  

I still have a few things to do before I post the big reveal.  I need to grout the mosaic tiles and the floor trim.  I'd like to frame the mirror, but I can't decide on white paint or dark stain.  What do you think?  You can see a little of our vanity and how dark the wood is in the picture above.  I also need to find some kid friendly towel bars or hooks and we need a new shower curtain rod and a new light fixture.  I've been so focused on getting the bathroom back to working order that I forgot about some of these things!

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