Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Adoption Story Part 2

In January I told the beginning of our adoption story.  Sitting down to finally write an update I realize how quickly the last two months have passed and how much has happened!  Where do I even begin?  :)

I guess I should start by saying our family of four has become a family of five!  We adopted a toddler-aged boy!  Technically, we are in pre-adoptive status for 6 months until finalization.  But he's living with us and he has become part of our family.  The girls are thrilled to have a little brother!

Overall I would say the adoption process has been a lot different than I had envisioned it would be.  First of all, Little Brother has adjusted to our family quite easily.  I thought that bringing a toddler into the family would involve temper-tantrums and melt-downs {for him and the girls} but, really, all three kids have been amazing.  We have been giving each of the kids special attention at different times to minimize jealousy.  Add in all of the new toys, amazing weather {playing outside!} and visitors and I guess we've just been busy having fun!

On the other hand, I never imagined there would be so many meetings and so much paperwork.  We would sign one thing and our case worker would send it away.  A few days later she would get it back and we would sign the next form.  Rinse and repeat and two months later I think we're almost through!   

I took two weeks of "maternity leave" from school to spend time getting to know Little Brother.  Honestly, I'm SO glad I did.  Not only have I loved being home spending time with Little Brother, but I've needed this time to get everything sorted out.  Arranging daycare on such short notice has been complicated, but  fingers crossed, I think I have it all worked out.

I believed deep down that the right child would find us and he did.  Little Brother is a perfect match for our family and we are truly blessed.  And I am so thankful to have a husband who is hands on with the kids and who really enjoys spending time with them.  It makes the chaos that comes with three little kids more manageable.  Call me crazy, but I kinda like the chaos.  :) 

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