Sunday, August 25, 2013

"New" Kitchen Chairs

Yesterday I took the kids to a couple of garage sales.  I rarely shop at garage sales, mainly because I hate driving all over town looking for them, but on Friday night Ryan saw an ad online for a sale with a ton of furniture.  They called it a furniture painter's dream, and they weren't kidding.  I went early hoping to find kitchen chairs.  I think I would have brought a lot more furniture home had I been able to fit it in my SUV!

I got four matching chairs for $50!!

They are very solid and in great shape.  When we got home we started wiping them down to get rid of the cob webs and grass clippings.  They looked clean until I realized that what I thought was stain was actually grimy build up.  Surprising since the fabric is clean and stain free on all four chairs.  So I busted out a bucket of warm soapy water and enlisted the kids to help.  Sorry the lighting is so bad in my pictures!  My iPhone's finest. 

The "new" chairs match the table amazingly well.  Ryan thinks I should touch up the stain on the chairs since they match so well.  I'm thinking more along the lines of painting them and recovering the seats. I've been pinning lots of fun ideas. I would love to be brave enough to paint them all red.  But that might be too bold. Maybe just some bright and cheery red fabric instead?  Any suggestions?

Have you noticed a theme on the blog lately?  We've been doing a lot of projects with recycled or reclaimed materials. I used to prefer everything be shiny and new, but as I've developed more confidence in my DIY skills I've realized I can create some pretty amazing things from left-over or left-behind materials. I've pushed myself to take more design risks (purple shutters I'm talking to you) and not stress over making sure every little thing matches.  I find myself surrounded by unique pieces that inspire me and make this house my home.  Not to mention the good feeling that comes from helping out the environment by reducing our contribution to the landfill.  That's pretty awesome, too. :)

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