Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Little Boy's Baseball Bedroom

A while back we started to transform our son's room from a fairy tale nursery to a little boy's baseball bedroom.  It took a while to get it together and it still isn't finished.  But I thought I would share the progress we've made.

You can read more about how we added baseballs to the bedposts here.

My mom gave us this shelf that once hung at her dad's house.  I painted it deep blue and hung it over the window.  I found some hardware at Lowes (for hanging closet bars I think) and hung the curtains right between the corbels.  That bat was an old Busch Stadium giveaway from when I was a kid.  It is laying on a notched out piece of scrap wood so it won't roll off the shelf.

The toy box got a new paint job with the same paint as the shelf.

This is what the toy box looked like before (in all its crayon colored on glory!)

This summer we moved the kids' play kitchen into Little R's room.  He plays with it more than the girls so it works well.  It has seen better days but the kids love it.

We also added a cute baseball lamp that my father-in-law found but my picture was blurry so I'll have to take another one tomorrow.  :)

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