Saturday, August 6, 2011

Building a Swing Set

Three years ago we recruited our family to spend Monkey's 1st birthday weekend building a swing set and clubhouse.  My husband was the only one with any prior building experience but everyone was excited to pitch in.  

Over the years we have added finishing touches.  A shingled roof.  Paint and trim.  Window boxes that used to have flowers (a little girl picked them...)  A homemade bird house.  A turtle habitat.  The girls have spent countless hours playing in the clubhouse, digging in the sandbox, sliding, and swinging.  

And most recently, sliding into a kiddie pool.  The foam tiles keep the grass off their wet feet.  (The kiddie pool safely hangs upside-down over a fence when not in use.)

Swing Set Clubhouse

I made this fun little video of the first few days of construction.  :)

Side note:  The big blue pool was retired after that summer three years ago.  It was a safety risk I wasn't willing to take.  RIP big blue pool.  We sure had some fun times.

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