Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Who has the prettiest princess room of them all?

Ok, so I might be a little biased.  If you read about the girls' bedroom make-over you'll remember my intentions for adding a "magic" mirror.  My husband found this beaut on Craigslist.  Isn't it just perfect?

We also applied fireworks decals to the wall over the castle.  We got the decals on Etsy.  {Thanks Grandma Zona!}

Do you see that polka-dot toy box?  I had big plans to paint it pink to match one of the dressers.  But Monkey clung to it for dear life begging me not to paint it.  When I turned around to answer the ringing phone she pushed it back to her bedroom.  So I guess I won't be painting it after all.

We also added Mrs. Pots and Nemo.

The closet is now dress-up headquarters.  Those green bins were $2.50 each at Target!!  Great for purses and dolls!

If I could only find a way to keep this room looking so clean all the time...  Happy children come from messy homes, right?


  1. I so HEART canvas bins! And the mirror is a winner winner chicken dinner! It's PERFECT!!! Did you have to paint it/refinish it?

    And if happy kids come from messy homes, then my boys are livin' the dream.

    Great work!

  2. Thanks Casi! The mirror was a find. All we did was clean it! Someone gave it a fantastic gold paint job earlier in life and it has aged nicely. And would you believe its plastic??