Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

It finally rained in Oklahoma! This week we have had thunderstorms and rain, rain, rain.  Such a relief.

With the rain came cooler temperatures.  We spent a few rainy afternoons on the porch enjoying the fresh air.  To keep the girls entertained (and to keep them from coloring on me with sidewalk chalk) I came up with a little game to play.  Monkey calls it Candy Land on the Porch.

I drew colored circles in a path around the edge of the porch.  Then I rolled a die and the girls moved to the color that went with that number.  Lil' Bean preferred to chase the die than wait on her color.  But Monkey didn't move off her color and was really into the game!

"Candy Land on the Porch" was so much fun!  It was a great opportunity to practice colors with Lil' Bean.  Next time maybe I'll draw the alphabet and give Monkey some practice recognizing letters.  

But the best part for this mom?  No cleanup necessary.  Soon the rain washed away our marks and left a blank canvas for more artwork.  Now that's a fun afternoon activity!

Love these girls.  <3

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