Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend we took a little break from home renovation.  We spent some time in Kansas City for a softball tournament and did a little outlet mall shopping.  It was nice to get away from the to-do list for a while.  On Sunday, Ryan built a new bench for our back patio as my Mother's Day present.

I found a bench on Pinterest that I like the style of and he ran with it.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

We have a small area on the side of the patio next to the house where the concrete slab is sloped.  Eventually, we'd like to cover the lower slab with a paver patio to even out the area and to expand the patio size.  But, for the time being, we decided a bench would fill the space nicely.  (You'll notice we still have a little work to do on the post and side of the roof.  But I'm done painting the siding!)

After a trip to Lowes and a few hours of working Ryan finished my new bench.  It is mostly made out of cedar 2 x 4's so I won't have to treat it right away.  I'm looking forward to it naturally weathering.  We attached it to the wall slightly higher than a normal bench.  Mainly because there is a power outlet hidden on the wall right below it and moving it lower would block the outlet.  I'm hoping the extra height will discourage the dogs from jumping up on it.  

The new bench got me excited about spending more time on the patio and motivated me to begin working on my next project, refinishing my adirondack chairs.  Ryan built these for me for Mother's Day four years ago. I lovingly refer to my all patio furniture as my Mother's Day Collection now.  :)  These poor chairs have been left exposed to the elements for four years and are in desperate need of refinishing.

I haven't gotten very far, but here is a sneak peak at what I'm up to.

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