Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Sun Room Renovation Progress!

We have been busy busy busy repairing and rebuilding!  Here are the highlights.

The roof is fixed!

We have a new soffit with ventilation!  No more soggy insulation!

We are almost finished painting the new siding!  (Doesn't the old window look like new with fresh white paint?)

That door and the remainder of the siding on the right side of the wall is GONE!  The doorway has been framed and will get drywall tomorrow.

The birds are in their new home!  The new "bird room" is far from finished, but hey, this is major progress!

Sometimes a hammer and crow bar can make a bad day feel much better.

The gas heater is gone.  The window into my laundry room and the brick wall... now solid sheet rock.  We are almost finished hanging drywall in the whole room, actually.  My ribs were sore for two days after hanging it on the ceiling.  So glad it's done!!

The new closet.

V. screwed on the new door knob with one of her screwdrivers.  She has been a great helper!  I think that's all the updates for tonight!  I need to get some rest before we get back at it tomorrow!

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