Sunday, May 5, 2013

Renovation Realities; Where are the Kids?

I've been posting a lot about our current renovation of the sun room turned bedroom/playroom and new "bird room."  I'm sure a lot of you are wondering though, where are your kids??  They have been home with us the entire time, usually working beside us or playing nearby.  And, I'll admit, there was one night where they were rewarded for all day good behavior with Cherry Berry frozen yogurt for dinner!

We have an awesome swing set, sand box, and club house the kids play in.

R. and L. like to monkey around.  :)

V. found a quiet hiding place to sit and write.

And sometimes even the kids are tired and need a break.

We get the most work done during nap time while the two little kids are sleeping or after bedtime.  

They've also been to Lowes with us about a million times.  Here they are pulling Ryan's Father's Day gift in a rolling basket.  Under the current circumstances I thought it was an appropriate gift to give early.  

Sometimes its a tag team effort, one of us works on projects while the other takes care of the kids.  Also, the kids have their own kid size tools and safety "googles" and enjoy hammering and screwing.  The girls thought it was great fun to help paint the siding and jump on every chance they get to paint.  We try to find safe, age appropriate jobs for the kids, like stacking scrap 2 x 4's in a pile by the {empty} fire pit.  Giving the kids little jobs is important because they feel included in the projects and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments and contributions.  I want my kids to know they can achieve great things, even when sometimes the journey feels like a marathon, is no fun, and takes a while to get to the finish line.  In the end it's worth it.  :)

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