Sunday, February 5, 2012

$5 Chair Covers

I have a little problem.

OK, four little problems.

My dining room chairs.  {{Shudder}}

They are gross.  

This morning I sat in syrup leftover from Lil Bean's french toast breakfast.  I couldn't take it any longer.

Enter $5 canvas painter's drop cloth from Lowes.

I used a large paper to draw a pattern of my seat.  I cut out my pattern allowing an extra half inch on all sides for a seam allowance.

 Each seat cover was made up of three pieces.  The top piece, one long rectangle (3" wide by about 51" long) to wrap around the left side, front, and right side, and a smaller rectangle (about 3" wide by 13" long) for the back.  The back flap is shorter to leave openings for the chair back.   I forgot to take pictures as I was working!  Please forgive me!

Drop Cloth Chair Covers

I simply hemmed the long edge of the side pieces before stitching all of the pieces together.  In just a couple of hours I made four seat covers!  They make my chairs look like new!

Drop Cloth Chair Cover

The best part?  When my little monsters wipe their ketchupy fingers on them or spill milk on them (it will happen) I can throw them in the washing machine.

I almost sprayed them with water-proofing spray I found under the sink (made for outdoor gear) but my husband stopped me and warned me it might not wash well.  Does anyone have experience with this?  What about Scotchgard?  

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