Friday, February 3, 2012

My Corner Office

My home office is located in a little corner off of the dining room.  Almost a year ago I posted about my office and how I organized it.  At the time I was happy with the space because I was happy to just have a home office.  However, as time progressed the office kept getting messier and  messier because it wasn't functional.  And there was too. much. stuff.  Just staring at me.  Making me crazy.  So I spend a full day going through everything.  I removed most of my craft supplies.  I moved some things to a closet.  I got rid of a lot of stuff.  

And it felt good.  

Until all the dust left me sneezing and itching.  

After a good cleaning I brought in some bins and baskets to organize and hide all of our stuff.

This little corner gets a lot of natural light through the skylight.  

The baskets hold stationary, envelopes, and paperwork. 

 I already had two magazine files and since I couldn't find any more matching files I made my own.  They hold paper, magazines, pictures, and the kids' artwork that I'll eventually put in books.  The framed photo and vase are from our honeymoon in Costa Rica.  

I kept a couple of jars for office supplies and small electronic pieces and plugs.

I'm really happy with the space now that I got rid of the clutter and put things away in baskets and bins.  It has taken me almost two weeks to get this post written and my office is still clean!  Its amazing!  A little organization can go a long way.

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