Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Rockin' Dragon

For Christmas my husband Ryan built a rocking horse for our horse-obsessed girls.  He also built a similar rocking horse for our little nieces.

Homemade Rocking Horse

He promised our nephew in Indiana he would build a rocking dragon before our next trip out to see him, whenever that might be.  {My nephew is obsessed with dragons the way my girls are obsessed with horses.}  My father-in-law ended up driving to Oklahoma to meet our son a couple weeks ago so Ryan had a promise to fulfill!  Here are some pictures of the rocking dragon we sent back with Grandpa.

Homemade Rocking Dragon

Ryan altered the original design of the horse by adding teeth, claws, and a dragon tail.  Instead of a yarn mane he added "spikes" made from vinyl.

Homemade Rocking Dragon

We heard the dragon safely made the long drive to its new home and is being enjoyed by its new owner.

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