Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Little R!

Life at Feathers and Fingerprints has been crazy busy!  I have so many crafty things waiting to be shared!  First on the list is a birthday celebration for my son!

A couple weeks ago Little R turned 3!

Being the lazy busy mom I am, I sent out an invitation via email.  Some family came to town to celebrate so we kept the party super small.  That makes an email invitation acceptable, right?  I made this invite using the iPad app Red Stamp.  If you don't have this app you must go download it now!  It is a wonderful app for making and sharing cards for every occasion.  Red Stamp will even print and mail your cards for you!  How sweet is that?

Transportation Theme Birthday Cake

This was Little R's first birthday as a VanZant.  I was so excited to finally get to make a little boy's birthday cake!  We chose a transportation theme and bought a new dump truck and back hoe for the cake.  Little R kept pointing at his cake all morning wanting to play with the trucks!

Construction Theme Birthday Cake

I sent my husband to the store late the night before to get small trucks for the cake.  He brought these home, not realizing they have batteries and make noise.  No big deal, except when I washed all the icing off I must have gotten the inside of one of the trucks wet.  After everyone was asleep that night I kept hearing BEEP BEEP BEEP rumble rumble coming from the living room.  (Imagine the beeping noise of a truck backing up and the rumbling of heavy machinery.)    Did I mention the broken truck was hidden somewhere under the furniture and only sounded when I was out of the room?  I didn't find the crazy thing till the next morning...

Overall, Little R's birthday was a big success.  I'm looking forward to many more little boy birthdays!

Happy Birthday Little R!

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