Thursday, December 27, 2012

How To Sew a Changing Table Pad Cover

I've been busy getting Little Brother's room ready.  Tonight I sewed a new cover for the changing table pad.  We have some very nice pink covers from Pottery Barn Kids.  I looked to them as a starting point, but altered my pattern to make the project easier. My cover is made from one large piece of fabric.  I used no-pill fleece from Hancock Fabrics.  My changing pad is a standard contour pad bought at Target about five years ago.

Changing Table Pad Cover Pattern

I started by cutting out my fabric.

I sewed together the cutout edges, right sides together. (Working at night my lighting isn't the best so the color is a little off!)

Then I folded and pinned a generous hem of 1.5 inches.  This is so the elastic will fit inside the hem.

When I stitched the edges I left the sides open (between the pink pins) to insert the elastic.

My stitches were an inch from the edge to leave room for the elastic.

I used two elastic bands, each 22 inches long.  

I pinned one end of the elastic and threaded it through the hem.

 Then I stitched both ends down.  Last, I closed the open hem.

Changing Table Pad Cover Tutorial


Changing Table Pad Cover

This project was very easy and took about an hour total.  I hope to whip out a few more covers this week!

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