Sunday, September 9, 2012

Taking Care of Business

Hi Feathers and Fingerprints readers!  I'm sorry for the long absence of posts.  Life got pretty hectic for a while between adding a third child to the family and changing jobs!  I left first grade after 7 years to teach gifted and talented education.  It has been a huge change but I am so glad I took the leap!  

Now that life is starting to settle into a routine again I'm finally getting around to showing you the finishing touches in the hall bathroom project!  To be honest, we spent so much time in the bathroom this summer potty training our 2 year old that I had no interest in blogging about it!

Let me remind you where we started.  You can read more about the reno here, here, and here, and see the last reveal here.

Hall Bathroom Before
Finally we have a shower curtain and towel bar!  The shower curtain came from Home Goods and the towel bar came from Ikea.  I picked up both items while traveling this summer.  Unfortunately, we don't have either store in my home state.  I sure wish Home Goods would come to Oklahoma...

Tree Shower Curtain

The towel bar fits our needs perfectly.  It provides plenty of hooks for towels and swimsuits.  I hung it low enough that the kids can hang their wet items on their own.  And the price was insanely cheap so I'll have no regrets if I want to replace it with something nicer later.

Bathroom Towel Bar Hooks

Next, the mirror got an upgrade.  We reused the original mirror and made a frame from wood trim.  There are many tutorials on the web if you search.  The frame was a cheap and easy way to add character to the room.

Bathroom Framed Mirror

And, because I love the frame around the mirror so much, why not add one around the toilet paper dispenser?  I've never been a fan of the built in toilet paper holder.  I wanted my husband to rip it out and fix the drywall when he was repairing the other walls.  Unfortunately, I forgot to mention it.  Oops.  So, crazy thought, lets fix this eyesore by framing it.  I think it totally worked.

Toilet Paper Dispenser Frame

There you have it!  My finished bathroom!

Thanks to our hard work, creativity, and careful planning, this entire renovation was completed for under $1000.  That's some serious budget DIY! 

What projects do you have going on?

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